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May 13, 2016

Not many people realise just how massive and complicated this branch of electricity storage is so I’d like to give you some idea of just how important Motobatt’s radical design concept has been to the motor cycle, personal marine craft, and leisure industries, among others..

mb10u-1-180x180For some reason or other, the motorcycle industry is its own worst enemy when it comes to standardising parts. In a nutshell, it doesn’t. Where the car industry probably uses less than 20 or 30 different brake discs and pads across the entire range for all car brands, the list for motor cycles runs into hundreds of different configurations. The same goes for motor cycle batteries.

In construction and design, batteries for cars and bikes has remained virtually unchanged for over 90 years. The problem with motor cycle batteries has always been the huge range needed to cover the thousands of different bike models that have evolved over the past 100 years or so. Unlike the car industry where standardisation has kept the range of battery models for all car makes to a mere handful, the required battery range for the motor cycles is enough to make any shop owner weep when it comes to stock holding.

A retail outlet would have to carry over 200 different motor cycle batteries in order to service the motor cycle industry to full capacity. The financial outlays to do this have always been out of reach for most bike shops.About 10 years ago the Kaijie Power Supply Industrial Co. in Guangzhou in China developed a motor cycle battery which was so revolutionary it changed the entire industry sector within a few months. This new design has enabled bike shops and battery retailers to replace the near impossible 200 plus model range of motor cycle batteries with just 38 MotoBatt units.

The innovations in this new battery concept were so far reaching that Kaijie Power decided to create a new brand for the product line rather than simply slot it into their existing KAGE battery range. And so was born MotoBatt, destined to become a major international player in a highly contested market sector within less than a year after its launch.

Motobatt’s Quadflex 4-Terminal design is patented and so far, has not even been remotely contested by opposition manufacturers. How simple and how clever was this concept in putting an end to the almost unmanageable stockholding issues of the bike industry? Four terminals instead of two and removable plates which alter the dimensions of the more popular battery models meant retailers could reduce their shelf stock of batteries by over 80% without compromising sales.

Features of the Motobatt range which have been standard for over 10 years, are now being adopted by other manufacturers as essential requirements for modern big capacity bikes:

  •  Absorbed Glass Matt battery technology (AMG). No liquid acid, no spillage, no fumes, extended battery life, slower discharge rates, quick recovery from repeated starts, extra power for driving accessories.
  •  MotoBatt was the first to increase the thickness and the surface area of their lead plates. This resulted in improved storage capacity, higher cranking power and easier cold-weather starting. Improved vibration damping and higher starting load capacity resulted in MotoBatt becoming a battery of choice in the booming Adventure Bike market sector.
  •  A full 12-month guarantee applies to all MotoBatt and KAGE products (an industry first in motor cycle batteries).

Some links to give you insight into the mind boggling world of battery technology:


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