Paris – Nice 2020

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March 3, 2020
March 22, 2020

So, we were lucky enough to see 7 stages of the 2020 Paris – Nice race completed before COVID-19 gave the world a major enema and chased everyone home before final stage of the event could be run. This virus is doing colossal damage to every sporting discipline in existence. Plus a few other things.

On the plus side Corona has skriked the Chinese so badly they’ve banned the importing into China of wild animal meat, bones, horns, skin, and everything in between. Our rhinos, lions, and pangolins might start multiplying again instead of heading for extinction. And maybe the Chinese and Vietnamese will discover they can still get it up without having to eat or snort rhino horn or powdered lion and tiger bones.

Some interesting stats from 2020 Paris-Nice which augers well for Conti in the Tour de France providing the virus has run its course by then and the 107th Tour actually starts on 27th June 2020

The Paris-Nice Stats:

  • Cyclists on Conti tyres won 4 of the 7 stages in the 2020 event
  • Cyclists on Conti tyres placed 2nd in 4 of the 7 stages
  • Cyclists on Conti tyres placed 3rd in 2 stages
  • Soren Andersen won the time trial on Conti tyres
  • Ivan Cortina won Best Young Rider on 2 stages and Cees Bol won this in Stage 1
  • Sunweb won team prize on 4 stages and were overall winners in this category

Quintana didn’t win a single mountain stage (???) but made up for it by winning the last stage outright.

Peter Sagan wasn’t in the points. Eish, can’t believe!  But he did score a 2nd and 3rd in stages No. 3 and 5

The Sunweb Team are using Lazer helmets. With a production history of over 100 years, Lazer is the oldest helmet manufacturer in the world. The brand quality blends in nicely with Sunweb’s choice of Conti tyres, another product line with over 100 years of winning major races in every discipline possible. Both brands are imported and distributed by Coolheat Agencies (Pty) Ltd.  Sunweb’s helmet info via this link:

Keep an eye on our Interac website for a Tour de France competition. Prizes will be something out of the ordinary. The website is constantly improving and is now a major source of product and brand news and technical information with links direct to our suppliers in both the cycle and motorcycle sectors.

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