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March 15, 2020

A Guide to The World’s Leading After-market Parts Supplier

Quality Guaranteed to UNI EN ISO 9002 Standards

Athena is a supplier to just about every MX, Supercross and Enduro team in the United States and Europe. Athena manufactures a vast range of products from small items like valve stem seals to cylinders, pistons, gasket kits, con-rod kits, and race quality big bore cylinder kits for off-road bikes from 85cc up to 450cc. Athena is an OE supplier to most bike manufacturers.

The company supplies a range of highly sophisticated ECU’s and Data Logging systems which are used by most professional race teams. These are the best available with advanced software with facilities which include remote on-track engine tuning via cell phone links direct to engine management systems.

If you would like to know more about any of the following, use our Contact link on this website and we’ll reply with stock availability, pricing estimates technical information and your nearest Athena outlet. All Athena products meet or exceed bike manufacturer’s specifications. Check the range:

  1. Gasket sets.  50cc to Super Bikes, Classics, Off-road, Quads, Jetskis etc.
  2. Standard and big bore cylinder kits for MX/Enduro bikes
  3. Piston kits for off-road bikes
  4. Engine oil seal kits
  5. Marine parts (Jetski, watercraft)
  6. GET Electronic tuning systems
  7. Classic Bikes Program. Parts and accessories

Athena has an inventory of over 21,000 parts. Visit their website via links on this website for more info. Athena can supply step-by-step assembly instructions on various engine components. If you would like to see the entire Athena parts catalogue let us know and we’ll send you their link for down loading. 

If you’re a DIY biker and need specifications and/or tuning and service settings of your bike send us a request with bike details (ie make, model, year) and we may be able to help with this as well as supplying exploded view images of the bike and its various components with part numbers. Classics, modern Superbikes, Scooters. British, Italian, Japanese, USA, German, and more.

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