Advancing Battery Technology. Round Two!

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February 26, 2020
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Advancing Battery Technology. Round Two!

In the last 120 years  Motobatt is the only manufacturer to have investigated and addressed a major shortcoming in motorcycle and PowerSport battery design. The insanity of 240 battery models being needed to service the industry compared to just 30 or 40 for the auto industry.  Motobatt solved this problem and also introduced a couple of new ideas in battery internals to make their batteries work better and last longer than other brands

  1. Motobatt’s Quadflex™ 4-Terminal system and removable casing spacers enables Motobatt stockists to reduce their battery shelf stock by 80% without losing any sales.  Just 40 models!
  2. The Motobatt  design simplifies the installation of batteries in virtually any machine where battery size and configuration is an issue. Motobatt AGM batteries can be mounted on 5 out of their 6 casing faces
  3. By introducing thicker high density lead plates with a 30% more surface area, Motobatt increased battery cranking power by over 20%, and at the same time achieved excellent vibration resistance

Motobatt’s Latest Move

Motobatt recently launched their Motobatt Hybrid Range of bench-mark high performance batteries which combine the best of both worlds of Lithium and AGM battery design. The results are amazing!

Motobatt Hybrid goes beyond limits of both lithium battery and lead acid battery, by ACHIEVES THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF BOTH WHILE COMPATIBLE WITH ALL OEM CHARGING SYSTEMS.1+1 >3 Superior Performance
Motobatt Hybird vs Lead Acid BatteryMotobatt Hybird vs Lithium Battery
• 90% STRONGER in cranking power• Compatible with OEM charging systems
• 30% LIGHTER in weight• 200% MORE in Amp Hour Capacity
• 500% LONGER in life cycle• Temperature Stable
• 50% LOWER in self-discharge rate• LONGER life cycle
• FASTER in charging time• STRONGER cranking in cold weather
• CONSTANT Cranking in cold weather• ADAPTABLE to lead acid charger
• PROTECTION against over-charging, over-discharging and heat• MORE electronic connections

These batteries will carry a premium price, around double that of a top AGM unit. Take into account their  500% longer life cycle and calculate on a cents-per-kilometre basis, Motobatt Hybrids are a bargain. With power to go! Want more info?  Send us a request via ‘Contact Us’ on this website.

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