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Motobatt batteries first appeared on world markets about 10 years ago. Since then the brand has established itself as a major player in the motorcycle, Jet Ski, quadbike, and leisure industries.
This rapid expansion into a fiercely competitive and over-subscribed market is due to MotoBatt’s innovative design, build quality, and the substantial cost savings which retailers are able to realise when stocking and selling these products: 209 standard battery part numbers are covered by just 38 Motobatt models. Battery shops can reduce their inventory by over 80% without losing sales:

• Most Motobatt Quad flex batteries have 4 terminals (2 positive, 2 negative) to enable the best possible positioning of the unit to accept correct cable connections lengths

• The popular Motobatt models have removable sizing panels which can be used to change the battery dimensions to suit a wide range of battery boxes or other enclosures

• Motobatt were among the first to produce batteries with Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology. AGM batteries contain no liquid. Each plate in the battery is wrapped in a lectrolite impregnated fibrous glass matting which cushions them against vibration

• Because the AGM batteries are sealed units with no liquid acid, there is no change of acid spillage or toxic fumes and all models in the range are maintenance-free. Motobatt units can be mounted at any angle from vertical to flat on all sides

• Motobatt plates are heavier and their surface area is bigger than on standard batteries. This translates into higher cranking power, better lighting and accessories operation, and much lower discharge rates than acid batteries. Battery life is much greater.

Motobatt have recently released their range of lithium iron phosphate (Life PO4) batteries. Details will be posted shortly


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