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October 30, 2019
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               Fitting Procedures for Tubeless Ready  MTB Tyres. The Pro Race Way!

  • Lubricate the tyre beads all round with soapy solution to minimise tyre rubber/wheel rim friction . Fit the tyre and inflate to 3-4 bars to ensure good contact between the tyre bead and rim. This is best done with UST valves with a changeable insert which allows compressed air to enter the tyre rapidly and pop the tyre beading into place under the rim crotchets. The new generation  Conti tyres will seat in most cases with hand pump inflation and without the need for compressed air.
  • Pre-sale folding of a tyre can cause uneven seating of the tyre and it may be necessary to fit an inner tube which will force the tyre to seat evenly around the wheel rim.  Afterwards loosen the tyre bead on one side and remove the tube. Rim tape should be centred exactly in the rim bed to prevent  the tyre bead from seating on the rim tape which could cause uneven concentricity (tyre wobble) and air loss between the bead and wheel rim. Thick or incorrect rim tape can result in difficult (or even impossible) fitting of a tyre
  • Deflate the tyre and unseat the bead on one side to insert sealant into the tyre
  • Re-inflate to 3-4 bars and then bounce the tyre while rotating to ensure the beads are tightly and evenly seated around the entire circumference of the wheel.
  • Hold the tyre flat (ie parallel to the ground) and rotate first one side then the other to spread sealant evenly on both sidewalls. Now lie the tyre flat on one side for 15 minutes and repeat for the other side
  • Initial air loss through sidewalls can occur but cease once the sealant impregnates casing material evenly and settles down. This can take up to 2- rides and sometimes may require the addition of another 20 to 50ml of sealant.
  • Thick or incorrect width rim tape can result in difficult (or impossible) fitting and or seating of the tyre and can result in the tyre unseating from the rim during riding.
  • Sub standard wheel rims with run-out issues or wheels which are slightly over or under the ETRTO specifications can cause seating problems. Most premium tyres are manufactured to fit wheels which comply with the ETRTO spec. Conti find that Shimano and Mavic wheel rims  are generally very accurate in ETRTO compliance and can be used as a bench mark for assessing tyre quality and compatibility.

Adherence to the above procedures will result in tyres which are correctly seated and sealed.  Dynamic handling and performance in all conditions is greatly improved while puncture resistance, tyre life, and overall safety is maximised and tyre costs are greatly minimised.

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