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The Life and Death of Narrow Bicycle Tyres
July 21, 2017
October 3, 2019

We sell a lot of Conti HomeTrainer tyres. We get a lot of praise from users of these tyres. We also get the odd complaint and we’d like to set the record straight: 

Why use Conti HomeTrainers instead of normal Road or MTB tyres on your trainer?

• Normal road or MTB tyres produce high levels of noise (howl) on rollers.
Conti Hometrainers run so silently you can watch TV at normal sound volume levels.

Conti Hometrainers will outlast standard tyres many times over. On a cents-per-kilometer basis, they’re     lot cheaper to use so the high price complaint doesn’t stick

Stress loads on tyres used on training rollers are very much higher than in road or MTB use. The           HomeTrainer tyre tread compound is formulated to handle these loads. No slippage on the rollers.                                   No overheating. No shedding of rubber. Road tyres? Not good!

So, what are the “Odd complaints”?

• The high stress loads produced by rollers on tyres results in excessive movement between tyre and rim. To      minimise   this, Conti ensures a tight fit so the tyres may be difficult to mount. Apply a soapy solution to the minimise fitting effort and avoid potential tyre bead damage

• Because there is no “on-road” cycling danger, people tend to forget that Hometrainer tyres are just as pressure sensitive as normal tyres. Under-inflation results in severe tyre squirm on a roller and this will heat the tyre sufficiently to delaminate the tread from the casing.

 Check Hometrainer Tyre Pressures Regularly to The Correct Pressures: 

Hometrainer MTB 26” and 27.5” tyre pressure 4.5 bars (65psi)
Hometrainer MTB 700 x 32C (29”) tyres pressure 7.0 bars (102psi)
Hometrainer Road 700 x 23/28C tyre pressure 8.0 bars (120psi)

Enjoy Your Roller Training Without Driving The Family Mad!
(And if you’re watching TV, you’ll be able to hear it) !!






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