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October 3, 2019
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October 3, 2019



About 11 years ago Interac introduced Motobatt into the South African market.  This is the only battery brand in over a hundred years, to have developed an entirely new concept in motorcycle batteries.  Before Motobatt emerged, any retailer who stocked enough batteries to meet demand across the huge range of bikes on the road would have had around 150 to 200 different battery models in their inventory to avoid losing  sales.

Motobatt sidestepped this problem with a stroke of design genius by producing their Quadflex range of batteries which come equipped with 4 terminals instead of the usual 2. The battery casings are size adjustable sealed units.

In another industry first, Motobatt used thicker lead plates with bigger surface area. This resulted in an increase of over 20% in cranking power over other brands. Instead of immersing the plates in liquid acid or gel, they wrapped them in fibre mats impregnated with electrolyte. No fumes, no spillage, excellent vibration resistance, and the batteries could be mounted at any angle from upright to lying flat on their sides.  And to top it all, battery life was extended.

For bike shops, the Motobatt design enables them to decrease battery shelf stock by 80% without losing sales. By stocking just the top 15 Motobatt models, a shop will cover 75% of the motor cycle market’s needs. More floor space. Less capital outlay. What could be better in business these days?

Now For More Good News From Motobatt !

Due to the ever increasing demands on battery power by modern machines, Motobatt  is about to launch an entirely new range of batteries to meet these demands.

The All New Motobatt Hybrid Battery Range. Coming Shortly!

The Ultimate in Power and Functionality

Get all the info the easy way right now!

  • Open the Motobatt Hybrid Battery Flyer (Click the red word “ Motobatt”)
  • Read eye-opening specs that make today’s batteries look like yesterday’s news!


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