The Lithium Battery Revolution is Here!

AGM vs Acid Filled (Flooded) Batteries
July 1, 2016
July 10, 2017

The Motobatt R&D guys are at the cutting edge of lithium battery development for motor cycles. Most bikers think that lithium batteries are expensive and used mainly in race bikes. Sure, the lithium units are expensive to buy initially, but in the long term their running costs are very much lower than lead acid batteries as they last a lot longer, have absolutely no maintenance, and you get a whole lot more bang for your buck. Consider this:

  • Lead acid batteries will start to deteriorate rapidly after 500 to 800 charge cycles
  • Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries are good for over 5000 charge cycles and last for years
  • Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries deliver much more power than equivalent lead acid batteries
  • Lead acid batteries will start losing power when discharged below 50% of capacity
  • Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries will maintain 100% power output until they’re run flat
  • Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries will recharge from flat to full charge in 6 minutes
  • Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries contain no liquids or acid and are maintenance free and eco friendly
  • Motobatt Pro Lithium running costs in cents-per-km are around 70% less than sealed lead acid units

Be prepared to pay around 65% more up front for a Motobatt ProLithium model but take into account the long term savings of 70% in running costs (ie. cents per km), plus all the added benefits of higher power (ie quicker starting, brighter lights, loads of power for accessories etc), low weight, and much longer battery life.

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