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May 30, 2016
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July 1, 2016

In South Africa, new bikes have been priced virtually out of reach of the younger generation. Medium capacity machines and Super Bike imports have dropped drastically and South African motor cyclists are now maintaining and overhauling existing machinery instead of simply trading in on new models as they did in the past. Athena OEM SupplierThe problem with engine repairs and rebuilds on older bikes is the scarcity of replacement parts. While we don’t have a solution to all problems, we can solve many of them thanks to the excellent range of products from Athena Parts in Italy. Athena is an Original Equipment (OE) supplier to most bike manufacturers (eg KTM, BMW, Ducati, Cagiva, Honda, Yamaha etc.) so their parts quality is the best you can buy. Locally, Athena is the only source of complete OE quality gasket sets suitable for complete engine overhauls. The valve stem seals are 100% perfect, the gaskets fit exactly and don’t leak, and the price of an Athena gasket set is substantially below what you would pay for individual gaskets to make up a set. We also stock Athena gasket sheets for those impossible-to-get gaskets on ancient or obscure bikes. Athena’s off-road cylinder kits (big bore and standard) are the best available and are winners of multiple World Championship races across a range of disciplines. Athena are world leaders in ECU race tuning technology and have a range of trackside kits suitable for on-the-fly tuning using cell phones to communicate with bike engine management systems.

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