AGM vs Acid Filled (Flooded) Batteries

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July 1, 2016
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July 5, 2017

AGM vs Acid Filled (Flooded) Batteries

I’ve been asked why the prices of Motobatt’s AGM batteries are so much higher than standard acid filled types seeing that they both do the same job. There are big differences in how they do the job!
AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries are sealed units that are superior in every respect to liquid acid batteries. The lead plates in AGM batteries are wrapped in fibrous mats which are impregnated with electrolyte gel. Apart from extended battery life, your extra money buys you these advantages over acid filled types:

1. No liquid acid – no spillage – no fumes – no topping up – no maintenance!PDC

2. AGM batteries can be mounted at virtually any angle, even on their sides

3. The glass matts covering the lead plates in AGM batteries absorb vibration, one of the great destroyers of battery internals.

4. Motobatt AGM batteries have thicker, larger lead plates with greater surface area so they deliver higher cranking power and amperage, and they hold charge much longer than acid filled types

5. AGM batteries discharge at a much slower rate than acid filled batteries, so even after long periods of standing, your bike will usually start effortlessly if it has a Motobatt fitted

6. Motobatt AGM Batteries will spin starter motors faster over many more cycles than liquid acid units. Headlights, flickers, and taillights will generally be brighter, and power delivery for accessories like radios, GPS, and charging systems for cell phones and cam-corders etc is outstanding

A useful tip. When not in use, keep your battery permanently on charge with a ‘smart’ charger. This will prolong battery life by huge amounts. Motobatt ‘smart’ chargers will run through a series of test phases from condition checking through to rescue, reconditioning of deteriorated internals, charging, and finally, maintaining the battery in 100% working condition. Never use old type manual chargers on AGM batteries as they could cause damage to the battery.

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