MotoBatt Lifespan

BlackChili Compound
May 18, 2016
Athena – OE Supplier
July 1, 2016

Ever noticed that bike batteries never seem to last as long as car batteries? We’ve been investigating the reasons for this and think we have the solution. In fact, a few solutions:

1. Around 70% of our Motobatt batteries are purchased for use in bikes of over 750cc capacity

2. Most Super Bikes are week-end warriors. That means they can stand for long periods between breakfast runs or leisure rides. Batteries hate inactivity. Frequent charging keeps them healthy and prolongs their useful life no end. An idle battery slowly bleeds to death. The electrolyte begins to break down forming lead sulfate crystals which coat the lead plates in the battery. The longer the battery stands without charging, the quicker it dies.

3. When a battery drops dead most bike owners will purchase a replacement and fit it themselves. No labour costs, great! But maybe that old battery was actually OK and the bike’s charging system is getting old and not doing the job it should. Particularly if the bike has lots of power hungry accessories.

4. So, our friend Gareth buys a new battery for his CBR1000 and insists on the best. The dealer duly sells him the best, a Motobatt MBTZ10S. The dealer asks Gareth if he doesn’t want the bike’s charging system tested. “Nah Boet, the bike’s perfect, just needs a battery”. He goes home and fits the new battery. End of story? NOT!

Gareth comes back a couple of weeks later and says the new Motobatt is a dud as it doesn’t hold charge. What the smart dealer does now, is to insist that the bike be brought in for checking, before a replacement battery is issued under warranty claim. Gareth is not a bike mechanic, he could have done anything to cause the problem.

Having no option, Gareth brings his bike in (see photo), and guess what. The charging system is virtually toast. So, we have a half-happy ending. The dealer revamped the bike’ charging system and the battery is pushing out loads of cranking power, even on ice cold mornings. Pity about the CBR1000. Gareth still has that.

But Gareth also got clever. He bought a Motobatt Baby Boy trickle charger, which he now leaves on charge and permanently connected to the battery. That little charger will keep the battery fully charged and maintained for as long as it’s connected. Now Gareth’s battery will last for years 



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