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May 13, 2016
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May 30, 2016

Black Chili Compound
Continental’s revolutionary tread compound has a number of interesting characteristics:BlackChili wins it all
• Black Chili has 30% more grip than top quality standard rubber and silica compounds.
• Black Chili has 26% less rolling resistance than those same compounds.
• Conti reduced the carbon black molecules in black chili by over 90%. First time ever.
• That means there is more rubber (i.e. mechanical linkage) on tar and/or dirt surfaces with Black Chili tyres. That’s why Conti wins ball breaking races like Paris-Roubaix, year after year.
• Black Chili Compound extends tyre life by around 10% and has a high cut resistance.
And now for the Acid Test.
Conti this week launched their outstanding new range of high performance Sport Contact 6 car tyres with Black Chili Compound. Conti’s Car Tyre Division has been using BlackChili since 2010.
Guess what.
Conti’s premium quality bicycle race tyres have been winning World Championship road, track, and MTB races on Black Chili Compound since 2008.
So, why not get a set of Conti Sport Contact 6 tyres for your car next time round and experience levels of grip and performance you never thought possible. Unless you’re a cyclist 
Conti Sport Contact 6. May 2016                                                                        Conti Grand Prix4000S September 2008
Conti Sport Contact 6 May 2016Conti Grand Prix4000S September 2008

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